an early birthday present..

Published 20 November, 2011 by mangoandjojoba

my birthday is coming..

i’ve been thinking what present shall i give myself lately

no one except my best friend mimie gives a birthday present for the last 3 years. so each year i’m looking forward to gift myself something.


MRCP Part 2 (written)

Published 1 August, 2011 by mangoandjojoba

I just sat for the exams last week. It was harder than i thought it would be. Like my mother said, there is no exams that is going to be easier from now own. Journey to be an internist is going to be hard. How’s the paper in general? There were 3 papers. The second paper was the hardest and the last was the easiest. Each paper has 90 questions, best of five, no negative marking. Right after i finished paper 2, it was already 9.30pm. That night, i felt like i’m going to give up internal medicine entirely. Be realistic. The questions were super duper difficult that make me wanna cry and they make Pastest Qs looks EXTREMELY easy! Maybe that is why Royal College put the easiest paper as the last paper. It was meant to heal broken souls and give us a ray of hope. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeky! Now i just to wait anxiously for the result in 4 weeks time. In the meantime, i have my hands full with work/oncalls and to prepare for my next trip oversea 😛 Yeay! another airplane ride. Didn’t i say i love airport? Airport is my “pintu sukahati doraemon”. You board an airplane and after few hours….voila! you’re in foreign land!!


Published 9 July, 2011 by mangoandjojoba

My political view neither ignorance nor extreme. I stand by our current leadership simply because it was chosen by the people in the last election. Let us face it, majority wins and that is democracy. You have been given the power to vote, so vote wisely. And if you lost the election, see you again in the next election.

What i’m totally against is some random street demonstration by people high in testosterone and rage. Cruising along the road, chanting, shouting, vandalising properties and for what reason??shaking our national stability? i wish these people are shot to death. Don’t they know that stability is the core to everything? The world are looking at us anxiously, the foreign investors are thinking twice bout investing or leaving this country, the enemies are taking their opportunity to invade our beloved country, people get hurt, injured… someone’s father/brother/husband got arrested.. is this what we want? SHAME.

Street demonstration won’t bring any good. Don’t they learn from history?? look at those countries that have suffered through this kind of act. General election is just around the corner. Fancy a new government?? CAST your VOTE asshole!!!


Published 4 July, 2011 by mangoandjojoba

I’ve been unwell for the last 1 week.

Irritating cough, painful sore throat, body ache and i lost my cartoon like voice! when am i going to get better?? Not taking antibiotic yet as i feel it’s more viral than bacterial infection. Let see how my body copes next few days. If no improvement maybe i’ll go and take some a/biotic shots!

Good health is treasure indeed….


MRCP Part 2 (written)

Published 22 June, 2011 by mangoandjojoba

Yosh, it’s exactly 5 weeks to exams!! The exams is on 27th and 28th July. This  will be my 1st attempt for MRCP Part 2 (written). Pls god give me strength to do it 🙂

Okay back to books and past year questions..



Published 21 June, 2011 by mangoandjojoba

I love to camp on koalasplayground. Not just because she gave the best recap on dramas that i watch, but the way she pens her emotions, ideas and passions on dramas are just priceless.

Here i share one of my fav quotes from hers on DTLY

What is the foundation of a marriage? It’s love, but what is love premised on? Not sexual attraction and not the meeting of the minds. Both are critical for developing interest, but love is predicated on caring. You start caring about another person, and that care coupled with attraction and mutual interest blossoms into love.– DTLY ep 10 by